Why us

Since 2006, we have provided professional web hosting and web development services, catering to businesses and other professionals. There are hundreds if not thousands of hosting providers, so why choose us?

Dedicated servers

We host our accounts on powerful, enterprise class dedicated servers in one of the best data centers in existence, not other companies' shared servers, like some other hosting providers.

Honest and friendly

Value Web Development LLC is a small company based out of Washington State. This company was started after meeting the web hosting needs of several large and demanding clients. Tired of being ripped off or misled? You have come to the right place. You will enjoy top notch service, stable technology, and an anytime money back guarantee.

Proactive management

From server audits, to KSplice, we employ the latest tools and techniques, and enterprise class hardware to keep your data and website safe and available. We average over 99% uptime and do not have to reboot our servers to keep them fully up to date. This means your website is rarely every unavailable, and your data is safe.

Professional hosting

We cater to business and other professionals. We monitor and quickly remove websites that are causing problems for other clients, or websites that are related to unscrupulous activity.

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